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Jasmine & Lily | Sappho 31

Classical Candle Co.

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This candle pays homage to the great lyrical poet Sappho. Widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of ancients times she has been given names such as the 'Tenth Muse' and 'Poetess'. Not everyone were fans of her work however,  and in medieval times much of her poetry was destroyed taking offence at her displays of love and affection towards women.

Intense and complex with top notes of green mandarin and pear, a heart of jasmine and lily resting on a bed of velvet woods and vanilla, this fragrance encapsulates the intensity of love and longing.

This sensual candle features an extract from one of Sappho’s most famous works, Sappho 31, celebrated for its intense emotion and influence on consequent poetry.

Here is what remains of Sappho 31...


"That man seems to me to be equal to the gods

who is sitting opposite you

and hears you nearby

speaking sweetly


and laughing delightfully, which indeed

makes my heart flutter in my breast;

for when I look at you even for a short time,

it is no longer possible for me to speak


but it is as if my tongue is broken

and immediately a subtle fire has run over my skin,

I cannot see anything with my eyes,

and my ears are buzzing


a cold sweat comes over me, trembling

seizes me all over, I am paler

than grass, and I seem nearly to have died.


but everything must be dared/endured, since (?even a poor man) ..."

Top Notes: Green mandarin, sweet orange and pear
Heart Notes: Water lily, mimosa, ginger lily and water jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, amber, dry fruits and velvet woods


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