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Ocean | Poseidon

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Classical Candle Co.

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Poseidon, brother to Zeus, was charged with the domain of the unruly sea, horses and earthquakes, the latter being his often forgotten strong connection to the Earth. 


Subtle zesty top notes, floral overtones, a fresh marine heart and base notes of woods, in particular cedar, alludes to his title as ‘Husband of the Earth’ and the incense often burned in his temples. 


There is nothing more relaxing than the gentle crashing of waves along a sun-drenched beach so be transported to the Greek coastline of the Aegean Sea with our ocean scented soy candle inspired by the mighty Poseidon.

Top Notes: Fresh bergamot and orange zest
Heart Notes: Marine notes, calone, lily of the valley and lilac
Base Notes: Exotic woods, sandalwood and tonka bean