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Pomegranate, Mandarin & Amber | Mary Seacole

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“….and the grateful words and smile which rewarded me for binding up a wound or giving a cooling drink was a pleasure worth risking life for at any time.” -- Mary Seacole from the Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands (1857)


Mary Seacole was an extraordinary woman who, self-funded, provided supplies and nursing care to British Soldiers in the Crimean War at the same time as Florence Nightingale.


Having grown up in Jamaica she learned much about traditional medicine from her mother who kept a boarding house for invalid soldiers which she complemented with knowledge of European medical ideas learnt from her travels. In 1854 she asked the British Home Office if she could be sent as a nurse to the Crimean war but was refused. Instead, she funded her own way there and opened the ‘British Hotel’ where she sold supplies and cared for sick and convalescing soldiers. She would often visit the battlefield where she was frequently under fire to nurse the wounded earning her the name ‘Mother Seacole’. She is often only discussed alongside Florence Nightingale who is seen as the founder of modern nursing.

It is important to remember Mary Seacole’s dedication and perseverance as, had she been afforded the same opportunities and connections as Florence Nightingale, their legacies would have been very similar.

Pomegranates were the most significant ingredient in Mary Seacole’s medicine chest and as such it is fitting that her candle’s scent revolves around this wonderous fruit. Upon lighting, the candle opens with fruity top notes of pomegranate and mixed berries, enhanced by white florals and underpinned by a rich base of amber, woods and musk.

“In Crimea during 1854–5 Mary Seacole demonstrated that her home-grown Jamaican practice of hygiene, healthy food, natural remedies and kindness – had a lot more to offer than traditional medicine, making her nursing practice a far more modern, holistic one that people might have imagined.”-- Helen Rappaport

Top Notes: Pomegranate, mixed berries and Mandarin
Heart Notes: Jasmine and Lily
Base Notes: Amber and musk