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Lavender & Sandalwood | Boudicca

Classical Candle Co.

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Boudicca was the 1st Century Celtic Queen of the Iceni who led a revolt against Roman rule in ancient Britain. Famed for her defeat of the Ninth Legion and the massacre of 70,000 Romans before she and her daughters took poison rather than be captured.

She has been celebrated throughout the centuries, most notably during the reigns of Elizabeth I and Victoria, and was even adopted by the suffragettes as the embodiment for the struggle for justice and independence.

This scent represents the little-known history of British women at this time. The women who taught warriors how to fight and led men into battles; their strength, stability and courage in the face of adversity. Breathe in this soothing yet invigorating scent and relax knowing that for centuries women have always been heroines. They did it and you can too.

Top Notes: Lavender
Heart Notes: Jasmine and red fruits
Base Notes: Sandalwood and musk


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