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Golden Droplet Earrings

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Kate Rowland

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Simple, elegant droplet earrings made from etched gold mirror acrylic with gold plated earring wires. made from offcuts of mirror acrylic! inspired by the beautifully detailed pottery motifs created by the artisans of ancient greece.

Kate is a jewellery designer and illustrator, living and working in northamptonshire, uk.

Her design ethos is to create playful, conversation-starting jewellery made from ethically sourced materials. kate studied illustration and brings her love of drawing into jewellery; she draws each piece by hand, and works to retain the hand drawn aesthetic through the precise laser cutting process.

Kate makes her jewellery from responsibly sourced, fast growing poplar plywood, often with acrylic details. each piece of jewellery is laser cut and etched before they are finished, painted and assembled by hand.

Please note earrings cannot be returned and refunded for hygiene reasons.