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Bergamot & Black Pepper | Athena

Classical Candle Co.

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In need of some strength and courage?


The Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Athena was the protectress of cities, in particular Athens. Unlike Ares who represented the violence of war, Athena was representative of wars that were necessary, defensive and not fought on impulse. A strong figure, Athena could not be dominated or violated due to her positions as a war and palace goddess, she had no consort and offspring but fought alongside many Greek heroes.


This candle’s borderline masculine fragrance has a remarkable ability to conjure feminine strength. With its energising fruity top notes, dark heart and comforting warm base notes allow Athena’s wisdom to ground you and get you ready for the trials to come.  Channel your inner Athena; inspire, be just, courageous and strong; you’ve got this.

Top Notes: Bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, berries and pinapple
Heart Notes: Jasmine, rose, birch, patchouli and black pepper
Base Notes: Oakmoss, ambergris, musk and vanilla

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