The Ivory Bangle Lady - Black History Month

The Ivory Bangle Lady - Black History Month

We are celebrating Black History Month this year by sharing Black British lives from history. At the end of the month we want you to vote for who will inspire our next candle on Instagram!

The Ivory Bangle Lady is a skeleton of a high-status adult female, potentially of North African descent, who died in York in the 4th Century AD. Found in 1901 she was buried with many beautiful examples of Roman jewellery including ivory and jet bangles.

In 2010 her remains were found to have strong affinity with African-American females from the 19th and 20th centuries and there are many sources from York around this time that mention Africans in Britain further suggesting the possibility of her heritage.

Moreover, isotope analysis shows that she most probably grew up in Britain but suggests that one or both of her parents may have originated from Africa.

The Ivory Bangle Lady is so important because she shows the extent of travel and diversity within Roman Britain.