Advent Calendar Tealights Information Week 4

Advent Calendar Tealights Information Week 4

Hello Friends!

Want to know more about your Advent tealights? Continue reading to find out the inspiration behind each fragrance and the story each scent tells.

This blog post features the fragrances from week 4 only to keep things more of a surprise for those that wish. To learn more about fragrances from the rest of the month be sure to check our other posts. Week 1... Week 2... Week 3...


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Day 22

Fragrance: Jasmine & Lily
Name: Sappho 31
Info:  This candle pays homage to the great lyrical poet Sappho. Widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of ancients times she has been given names such as the 'Tenth Muse' and 'Poetess'. Not everyone were fans of her work however,  and in medieval times much of her poetry was destroyed taking offence at her displays of love and affection towards women.

Intense and complex with top notes of green mandarin and pear, a heart of jasmine and lily resting on a bed of velvet woods and vanilla, this fragrance encapsulates the intensity of love and longing.

This sensual candle features an extract from one of Sappho’s most famous works, Sappho 31, celebrated for its intense emotion and influence on consequent poetry.

Here is what remains of Sappho 31...


"That man seems to me to be equal to the gods

who is sitting opposite you

and hears you nearby

speaking sweetly


and laughing delightfully, which indeed

makes my heart flutter in my breast;

for when I look at you even for a short time,

it is no longer possible for me to speak


but it is as if my tongue is broken

and immediately a subtle fire has run over my skin,

I cannot see anything with my eyes,

and my ears are buzzing


a cold sweat comes over me, trembling

seizes me all over, I am paler

than grass, and I seem nearly to have died.


but everything must be dared/endured, since (?even a poor man) ..."

Top Notes: Green mandarin, sweet orange and pear
Heart Notes: Water lily, mimosa, ginger lily and water jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, amber, dry fruits and velvet woods

Day 23

Fragrance: Seaweed & Juniper
Name: The Birth of Venus
Info:  This candle takes its inspiration from Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. The painting shows the arrival of Venus to the Greek island of Cyprus atop a giant scallop shell “as pure and perfect as a pearl”. Born from the sea spray fully formed she is blown to shore by the winds Zephyr and Aura and greeted by Thallo, an Hora personifying spring.

The fragrance of this candle is a wonderfully sweet and fresh fusion of seaweed and juniper perfectly encapsulating the seaside scene with a floral heart of jasmine and geranium that signifies the joyful presence of spring. Top notes of orange flesh even nod to the belief that the painting was commissioned by the massively influential Florentine family, the Medici, suggested by the orange trees by the shoreline, which were an emblem associated with the family. (It is also thought that the winds are based on an ancient Hellenistic work owned by Lorenzo the Magnificent himself.)

This fresh and invigorating scent will lift your spirits as we approach the warmer days of spring all the while delivering the beauty and majesty of one of the great masterpieces from Renaissance Italy.

Top Notes: Sicilian lemon, orange flash and bergamot
Heart Notes: Juniper, rosemary, tea tree, pine, jasmine and geranium
Base Notes: Musk and white cedarwood

Day 24

Fragrance: Christmas Spice
Name: A Christmas Carol
Info:   “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach.”
- Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

This candle is the embodiment of a Victorian Christmas. The freshness of the season is captured with top notes of orange and mandarin whilst warming notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove create a cosy heart.
A Christmas Carol is the ultimate Christmas story and this scent is a must have Christmas classic!

Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Rose
Base Notes: Spices, Patchouli

Day 25

Fragrance: Evening Snow
Name: Khione
Info: Khione is the Greek goddess of snow and nymph of Mount Haimos in Northern Greece. Loved by Poseidon, she was daughter to Boreas, god of the north wind and Orithyia, daughter of Erechtheus (King of Athens).

She was very beautiful, claiming her looks could rival Artemis, who, in retaliation, struck her down with an arrow.

This clean and fruity scent provides an air of mysticality such as evening snow brings. Rounding off with a smooth base you will be reminded of early morning untouched snow, all perfectly fitting for the goddess of snow.

Top Notes: raspberry, cara cara orange and eucalyptus
Heart Notes: red currant, sage and violet
Base Notes: patchouli, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla

Day 26

Fragrance: Heavenly Nectar
Name: Hebe
Info:  Named for Hebe, the cupbearer of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, she was responsible for filling the god's cups with nectar and ambrosia said to provide eternal life.

A sweet fruity floral fragrance, this is a limited edition fragrance and has made a come back exclusively for our tealights.

Top Notes: Peach, red fruits and citrus
Heart Notes: Exotic florals
Base Notes: Woods, Vanilla, Amber and tonka bean