Advent Calendar Tealights Information Week 3

Advent Calendar Tealights Information Week 3

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Want to know more about your Advent tealights? Continue reading to find out the inspiration behind each fragrance and the story each scent tells.

This blog post features the fragrances from week 2 only to keep things more of a surprise for those that wish. To learn more about fragrances from the rest of the month be sure to check our other posts. Week 1... Week 2...


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Day 15

Fragrance: Pomegranate, Mandarin & Amber
Name: 1805 Mary Seacole
Info:   “….and the grateful words and smile which rewarded me for binding up a wound or giving a cooling drink was a pleasure worth risking life for at any time.” -- Mary Seacole from the Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands (1857)

Mary Seacole was an extraordinary woman who, self-funded, provided supplies and nursing care to British Soldiers in the Crimean War at the same time as Florence Nightingale.

Having grown up in Jamaica she learned much about traditional medicine from her mother who kept a boarding house for invalid soldiers which she complemented with knowledge of European medical ideas learnt from her travels. In 1854 she asked the British Home Office if she could be sent as a nurse to the Crimean war but was refused. Instead, she funded her own way there and opened the ‘British Hotel’ where she sold supplies and cared for sick and convalescing soldiers. She would often visit the battlefield where she was frequently under fire to nurse the wounded earning her the name ‘Mother Seacole’. She is often only discussed alongside Florence Nightingale who is seen as the founder of modern nursing.

It is important to remember Mary Seacole’s dedication and perseverance as, had she been afforded the same opportunities and connections as Florence Nightingale, their legacies would have been very similar.

Pomegranates were the most significant ingredient in Mary Seacole’s medicine chest and as such it is fitting that her candle’s scent revolves around this wonderous fruit. Upon lighting, the candle opens with fruity top notes of pomegranate and mixed berries, enhanced by white florals and underpinned by a rich base of amber, woods and musk.

“In Crimea during 1854–5 Mary Seacole demonstrated that her home-grown Jamaican practice of hygiene, healthy food, natural remedies and kindness – had a lot more to offer than traditional medicine, making her nursing practice a far more modern, holistic one that people might have imagined.”-- Helen Rappaport

Top Notes: Pomegranate, mixed berries and Mandarin
Heart Notes: Jasmine and Lily
Base Notes: Amber and musk

Day 16

Fragrance: Woodsmoke & Leather
Name: Murder on the Orient Express
Info:  Murder on the Orient Express is arguably one of great crime writer Agatha Christie's most famous novels. 

World Famous Detective Hercule Poirot is travelling from Istanbul when the train gets stuck in a snow drift and a murdered body is found.

Travel alongside the inhabitants of the Calais Coach and unravel the mystery with our Wood Smoke & Leather candle.

A gentle woody scent with rich warming cedarwood and leather accented with citrus and jasmine to place you on the luxurious Orient Express as it whisks its way through Europe.

Top Notes: Citrus and herbs
Heart Notes: Jasmine, tobacco, leather and raspberry
Base Notes: Cedarwood, musk, amber, vetiver and moss

Day 17

Fragrance: Peony & Blush Suede
Name: 1761 Dido Belle
Info:  Dido Elizabeth Belle was the daughter of a young black woman and a British naval officer who was brought up by William Murray, Lord Chief Justice, at Kenwood House in London.

Not much is known about her life despite being one of the most well-known black figures from 18th Century Britain. However, it is clear that she was an intelligent and loving woman, much loved and respected by her family, she carved her place in a society that was always prejudiced against her despite the limited protection and opportunities afforded her.

This candle blends floral and musks to remind you of springs and summers in the gardens of Kenwood House. A wonderfully flowery scent of peony, jasmine and rose, the complexity of the fragrance as it develops represents the many unique layers of Belle’s life and heritage.

Top Notes: Peony, red apple, aqueous
Heart Notes: Rose, jasmine, carnation
Base Notes: Plum, musks, patchouli, dry amber

Day 18

Fragrance: Bergamot & Black Pepper
Name: Athena
Info:  In need of some strength and courage?

The Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Athena was the protectress of cities, in particular Athens. Unlike Ares who represented the violence of war, Athena was representative of wars that were necessary, defensive and not fought on impulse. A strong figure, Athena could not be dominated or violated due to her positions as a war and palace goddess, she had no consort and offspring but fought alongside many Greek heroes.

This candle’s borderline masculine fragrance has a remarkable ability to conjure feminine strength. With its energising fruity top notes, dark heart and comforting warm base notes allow Athena’s wisdom to ground you and get you ready for the trials to come.  Channel your inner Athena; inspire, be just, courageous and strong; you’ve got this.

Top Notes: Bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, berries and pinapple
Heart Notes: Jasmine, rose, birch, patchouli and black pepper
Base Notes: Oakmoss, ambergris, musk and vanilla

Day 19

Fragrance: Millionairess
Name: Josephine Baker
Info:  Josephine Baker was an American born French dancer and singer who symbolised the beauty and vitality of Black American culture in the 1920s. She became one of the most popular music hall entertainers in France as well as a civil rights activist and a French resistance agent in the second world war.

An incredible woman from an incredible time of freedom, dancing and expression after the fear and constrictions of the first world war. Light up this candle to let your hair down and party with this sophisticated white floral fragrance. Top notes of orange and neroli with a heart of jasmine, violet and peony, supported by a fond of amber, patchouli and vanilla will add a hint of sophistication to your evening.

Top Notes: Orange, neroli and apple
Heart Notes: Jasmin, violet and peony
Base Notes: Amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk

Day 20

Fragrance: Champagne & Roses
Name: Marie Antoinette
Info:  Marie Antoinette is synonymous with opulence and luxury. She gained an unpopular reputation amongst the French population of the time for her extravagant lifestyle that nowadays she is remembered for.

Whilst the enduring legacy that coupe glasses were modelled on her breasts has been found untrue, the glass shape had been invented a few years before her birth, during her time on the throne Champagne became fashionable and luxurious.

Flowers were one of the most important passions of the French Queen with floral motifs decorating every palace she lived in. Roses were one of her favourites and in 1784, she ordered more than two thousand dog roses to be planted in the gardens of Trianon.

This candle opens with the luxurious fizz of champagne ending with the familiar and relaxing scent of roses making it the perfect fragrance to remind you of France’s last Queen.

Top Notes: Freesia, pink grapefruit, bergamot and spun sugar
Heart Notes: Rose petals and white flowers
Base Notes: Oak, musk, vanilla and tonka bean

Day 21

Fragrance: Sandalwood & Black Pepper
Name: Apollo
Info:  Apollo, God of healing, archery, music and poetry is one of the most famous of all the Greek gods.

This candle with its full masculine fragrance is perfect to celebrate the most handsome Greek God, with smooth sandalwood and the spiciness of black pepper representing that, like his father Zeus, he could have a temper.

As his twin sister, Artemis was Goddess of the moon, Apollo was God of the sun and the fresh citrus top notes will shine through the rich scent to remind you of his light artistic side.

This is a subtle luxurious fragrance that is the perfect accompaniment to an evening of music and reading.

Top Notes: Citrus
Heart Notes: Sandalwood and cracked black peppercorn
Base Notes: Musk